This is the basic health and Safety forms for RBC.

You can download a offline form by clicking on the pdf icon, or complete a online form.

  • Carefully read No1 and No2 before your start.

  • Complete the assessment form No3 to evaluate all your risks at the event or function (you may skip this step for a small group. (See Images below to help with assessment and risks)

  • Then Complete No4 - Activity risk assessment form. 

  • Only Complete or download for No5 in the vent of an accident or incident.

AED - Philips Headstart

Rangiora Baptist Church have an onsite AED.

The device is located in our Main Kitchen with the First Aid Kit.

Instruction manual is located with the AED and you can also watch the training video below.

TEL: 03-313 4997

Office Hours - Tuesdays to Thusdays 9am to 1pm